Risk management control measures

Outbound is passionate about creating the ultimate outdoor experience for you and your family. This means understanding and planning for any risks involved with each activity. We outline and safeguard against these potential risks in our comprehensive Risk Management Plan, which strictly adheres to the key requirements and guidelines set by the Australian Adventure Activity Standards.

All members of our teams throughout Outbound are proficient in our risk management strategies to ensure health and safety is always a priority. We begin the process by assessing any risks onsite for all activities and campsites before a programme starts.

The Outbound Risk Management Plan identifies possible dangers or risky situations that could occur with each activity, and proposes specific strategies to minimise the likelihood of that risk eventuating. This is an in depth document that is specific to each activity. Each team leader will have the necessary risk management plan specific to the activity they are undertaking.

During all Outbound offsite expeditions, team leaders carry mobile and satellite phones, GPS navigation and topographic map access while out in the field. Updates and warnings from government sites such as Parks Victoria, DELWP, VicRoads, CFA & BOM are monitored twice daily. There will be a 24 hour, Melbourne based emergency contact available on call for all programmes.