Family connected with purpose through outdoor adventures

We are a family of five — Darion, Marina, Caleb, Aaron & Asher. We love adventure and even more so, sharing our love for the great outdoors; in particular, with families who have yet to discover the ultimate life experience that only being in nature can provide.

Like many families today, we struggle with the over-use of technology. We constantly find ourselves falling into the dependency of TVs, phones, computers and personal devices for entertainment, socialising, education & gaming. Excessive use of screen time has become an issue affecting many people in our world.

We have come to realise that the only time we have been able to switch off our screens and spend some quality family time, has been during our time spent outdoors and on our camping trips. Being out in the wilderness of nature, with no data or wifi available, has provided us with opportunities to discover many new and exciting experiences. We find ourselves interacting and working together more as a family, learning new skills, discovering new places and meeting new friends.

We feel so inspired and passionate about encouraging everyone to “switch off” and “get out” for real entertainment, socialising, learning and gaming. That is our heart and passion behind Outbound - to gather like-minded people, working together to equip families and our young with skills and experiences that will create a lifelong passion for the outdoors.

We invite you to come onboard and share your Outbound journey with us...and find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

Project Outbound is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT initiative with all profits going into full scholarship for Foster Kids to experience our programs and trips.

We are an affiliate member of Outdoors Victoria:

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