Empowering families with skills to explore their world through
training, experiences and adventure.


Families with a lifelong passion for the outdoors.


Outbound builds character in the individual through purpose-based activities, by fostering the following values and disciplines.


Outbound champions fostering courtesy and a deep sense of regard for others and for the environment.


Cultivating the quality of being honest and trustworthy. Having integrity means having sound moral principles and ethics.


Inspiring passion as the fuel in the fire of action; to have a strong desire, enthusiasm and zeal that will drive one to do amazing things.


Growing the capacity to recover quickly from setbacks or difficulties. Knowing how to cope in spite of limited resources. Building confidence and emotional strength to overcome obstacles.


Encouraging being humble as an asset for self-improvement. It allows one to recognise areas of life that need work. It’s an important characteristic for becoming a better person.


Showing consideration for the needs of others and the environment. The thoughtful individual is helpful, understanding and compassionate.

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