If you're someone that always uses the weather as an excuse not to get out, your window of opportunity is here! We're more than a month into spring, which means more moderate temperatures and weather have arrived. Daylight Savings clocked in last weekend gifting us longer days to get outside for an evening walk with the kids. With more daylight hours, we'll have more time to plan hikes, bike rides and explore nature.

Why spring is the best time to discover nature?

Stunning Flower Displays
After months of a cold winter, spring is ready to welcome us outdoors putting on a beautiful display of colourful and sweet scented blooms. Several studies show that flowers can make you happy and even relief anxiety and pain. A study conducted by the University of Michigan in 2005 also shows that flowers have positive short and long term effects, elevating mood for days! Get out into nature and discover some of the best flower displays only spring brings.

Nature Walks & Hikes
We owe it to ourselves to take that first step towards better mental and physical health. With the dark, cold days of winter behind us, there's no better time to step outside. A walk in nature will slow our heart rate down, letting us feel more relaxed. A study shows that after just 30 minutes of walking outside in sunshine, our mood and even our memory will improve. The same study shows that it will boost creativity and broaden our minds. With the multitude of walking and hiking trails available, you can pace yourself. Start off with an easy walk and work up to more challenging hikes or even an overnight one. Read more about Victoria's walking and hiking trails.

Bike Rides
There's no better time to get outside for a bike ride. Melbourne's a very bicycle friendly city with many trails and bike lanes built for you to explore our beautiful landscape. Breathe in the fresh air, feel revitalised and energised. Bike riding is a great form of exercise and way of reducing stress. Go car free! Discover cycling trails here.

Chasing Waterfalls
As the winter snow melts along with decent rainfalls, spring is the best time to view waterfalls cascading in all its glory. Take a day trip and explore one of the many rivers and waterfalls in Victoria. Find out more about waterfalls nearby that you will fall in love with this weekend.

Spring weather means warmer nights too, perfect for camping out. Since you're already outdoors adventuring, don't stress about rushing back. Consider camping out and making a trip of it. Pick from one of the countless parks and reserves you can explore and camp at.

While you're out and about exploring nature, don't forget to look up when it gets dark. All you need to do is get away from the bright city lights. As the sun sets, be prepared to get awestruck by how stunning the night sky can be. Find out about the best starry spots in Victoria.

Wildlife Spotting
Spring is the best time to spot wildlife. We are spoilt for choice in Victoria, from whale watching along the Great Ocean Road, to spotting nesting birds and even microbats that have awoken from their slumber in the colder winter months. You may even find reptiles in our parks and gardens, such as lizards, skinks, geckos and dragons that emerge in spring's warmer months.

The time is now. Be sure to get out so you don't miss out on experiencing the many wonders that nature has to offer!

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